Vanessa Hamilton

Sexuality Conversations: Let's Get Started It's Easier Than You Think!

Vanessa Hamilton

Speaker, Writer, Educator

About Me

During my 24 years as Sexual Health Nurse and Educator, I have had the privilege of hearing, supporting and contributing to literally thousands of people’s intensely private stories of their journeys and experiences of ‘Being A Sexual Being’. My first day in Sexual Health in the early 1990’s, I was a naive 20 something year old backpacker in London, sent to do a days work as a Registered Nurse taking blood tests from HIV patients…a day that turned into a life long journey.

Main roles have included:
• Sexual Health Clinical Nurse Consultant
• Nursing Services Manager – Sexual Health Service
• Post Graduate University Lecturer and Fellow in Sexual Health
• Sexual and Reproductive Health Nurse
• Sexuality Nurse Educator/Business owner

What have I learned?
Human Sexuality is complex, interesting and ever changing in our society. Adults have difficulty talking about it. This difficulty can be overcome with some extremely simple strategies and key education points.

We have suppressed Human Sexuality and acknowledgement of Being Sexual Beings for hundreds of years now.
This has resulted in the inability to have conversations about Sex and Sexuality, to share information about it and to educate others about it.
The dialogue we do hear is often based on fear and danger e.g. by some religions or political parties or organisations with a specific agenda.
People are made to feel shame and guilt about their experiences and feelings.
We need to turn this around and share information with a positive approach that focuses on joy, pleasure, connectedness and responsibility.
Evidence tells us time and time again that age appropriate comprehensive Sexuality Education at a young age through out childhood, gives humans better outcomes later on in life.

But before we can teach the children we need to teach the adults.

I am driven to help people understand Human Sexuality and what it is to Be a Sexual Being and then be able to have conversations about Sex and Sexuality without shame, judgement , fear, danger and guilt

I am focusing on empowering teachers, parents, young people and health professionals with information, skills, confidence, to have important conversations about sex relevant to their circumstances.

I do this through positive light hearted education and story telling.


BA Nursing
Grad Dip Frontline Management
University Fellow School of Public Health

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