Catherine Bell

Not "Wishes" or "Preferences": Informed Decisions.

Catherine Bell

Birth Cartographer

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About Me

Catherine Bell trained as a doula (with Optimum Birth and under the mentorship of Jennifer Staniforth) and as a breastfeeding educator and counsellor (with the Australian Breastfeeding Association). Both these traineeships revealed the lost information that all mothers need.

The biological, innate knowledge we need in order to take ownership of our journey. was born out of the need to share this knowledge. Catherine became The Birth Cartographer.
Frustrated at the need-to-know nature of the maternity system, and the limited information provided when facing decisions, Catherine developed Birth Cartography to provide Informed Birth Preparation to parents. She has authored ‘The Birth Map: Boldly Going Where No Birth Plan Has Gone Before’ and it’s concise companion “This Birth Belongs To’.

Informed Birth Preparation assumes nothing and prepares for anything. It benefits women their partners and their care providers.


BSc Hons (AdelU)
Masters Sci Comm (ANU)
Certified Doula
Breastfeeding Education and Counselling

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