Christie Flora

Organising coach helping people create a life that fits

About Me

Christie is a resourceful and compassionate Organising Coach who uses the principles of coaching to tackle organising challenges. Utilizing coaching techniques ensures that she can fully respond to the enormous desire that is usually just under the surface of a client’s initial request for organising help.

Through Christie’s work she helps empower clients who struggle with too-busy lives, disorganisation, ADD, situational stress, or challenging transitions both in life as well as place. By tackling challenges in this more in-depth way the client is supported and encouraged to explore what they really need and are better able to tune into their underlying, often partially unconscious, needs.

She is driven to help clients learn to engage with their motivations and emboldening them to experiment with perspectives, and to test actions and strategies and tweak all whenever necessary.

Organising is a life-time skill that evolves and changes through the years. In today’s fast paced world it is a basic tool for achieving a more fulfilling and encouraging life. Finding stability in support systems and using order creation to develop and more fully achieve in life are ideals Christie strives for and are what she loves helping clients discover for themselves.


Organizer Coach Foundation Training Program gained via Coach Approach for Organizers
Certificate in Coaching Essentials
Certificate in Strengths Based Coaching
Certificate in Brain Based Coaching
Certificate in Life and ADHD Coaching
Certificate in Coaching Integration

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