Tash Hildebrand-Lockie

Author, Speaker and Facilitator of Women's Circles

About Me

Tash Hildebrand-Lockie is a speaker, author and facilitator of women’s circles, workshops and healing retreats. Her first book, ‘The Patriarchy Illusion: The Truth of Your Real Power and Worth’, will be released in mid-2019.

Tash has a unique background, completing bachelor’s degrees in English literature and chemical engineering, an interdisciplinary master’s degree in environmental studies, and intensive personal study into the body’s chakras and energy systems over several years. She drew on this diverse training to ‘de-engineer’ the system and paradigm of patriarchy in a new way to see that at its essence, patriarchy is based on artificial and illusionary hierarchies – between genders but also between us all.

Under the hierarchical logic of patriarchy, no matter what we do or how high we climb, there will always be someone further up the ladder than us on something, which can result in a persistent sense of never being ‘good enough’. From an energetic perspective, patriarchy works to make us all feel inadequate, needlessly competitive and afflicted by that dreaded curse – comparisonitis.

Tash is passionate about the power of feminine connection – women connecting deeply with themselves and each other. She believes that when women come together, there is an enormous opportunity to uplift and heal not just each other, but our entire society and planet as well.

Tash spent the first decade of her career working with large corporates, councils, and organisations to improve their environmental sustainability practices. She is also a proud graduate of the former Centre for Sustainability Leadership’s Future Makers Fellowship Program.

Tash is available for keynote talks and other speaking engagements to talk about the concepts in her book, including internalised patriarchy, energetic feminism, spiritual approaches to feminism, self-love, feminine connection, feminine power, intuition, new wealth consciousness and authentic wisdom sharing.


Bachelor of Arts (English)
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Hons)
Master of Environment

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