Lyndall Strazdins

Clinical Psychologist and Professor

Specialty Areas

Families, Health and Medical

About Me

Lyndall is a clinical psychologist and Professor (PHD Psychology, M Clinical Psychology) at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, The Australian National University.

In 2011 Lyndall was awarded an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship investigating time as a resource for health. She lead the work and family component of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children, a study of 10,000 families, and serve as a scientific consultant to local and Federal Government, including Department of Veteran Affairs, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, the Defence forces and as a consultant to the Paid Parental Leave Evaluation. Lyndall also collaborates with NGO organisations for Australian families.

Her research focuses on contemporary predicaments of work and care and their health and equity consequences, viewing health as inter-linked within families. Most recently, Lyndall has been developing theory on time as a social determinant of health and seeking to understand the significance of time as a resource.

Her research seeks to address the hour glass ceiling, a time (not merit) based ceiling on pay, career choice & advancement which exists when long work hours are expected and rewarded. These long hours lock women out of senior roles and men out of caregiving roles, pushing otherwise capable women into shorter hour, lower paid jobs so that they can combine work with care.

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