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Loz Visser

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About Me

Loz Visser

I provide services for the psychology of personal growth and culture, as channeled through my own ridiculousness. Life advice presented here is based on scientific evidence and the mishaps of myself and others. And how we healed them. The core tenets of the philosophy are:

Happiness is created from being self-directed and internally validated, not through external signals of success or social dominance.

Wealth is the accumulation of experiences and assets, not necessarily possessions or status symbols.

Courage to pursue one’s ambitions and dreams — whether it be starting a business or asking the hot brunette out on a date — can be cultivated through conscious and progressive action. We are not doomed to be imprisoned by our fears or core beliefs.

Responsibility everyone has to always improve one’s own life, regardless of their disadvantages, past failures, bad genetics, or prior misfortunes.

Vulnerability, when combined with responsibility, makes one more powerful and confident, not less.
Honest Communication and authenticity increase the quality of one’s relationships, raise one’s self-esteem, and attracts the right people into one’s life.

Sexuality is not something that’s shameful or something that should be compromised or ridiculed, regardless of gender, orientation or history.

Relationships and the expectations which define them are flexible and are created through conscious decisions, not social or sexual obligations.

If these ideas appeal to you or align with your personal values, then you’ve come to the right place. This site is about seeing and learning how people have changed from using the TS self help method and of course, you’ll sometimes be treated to my own personal stories and musings (for better or worse).

I am available for one on one intensives and Public Speaking Globally.

Feel free to call for a conversation.


Diplomanin Recreation Leadership

Drug and alcohol Diploma

Gender Studies

Degree in Hoffman Process Facilitation

Art Therapy Studies



Certificate 4. In training and Assessment.

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