Dalit Kaplan

I will not rest until I see a more fair, empathetic and safe world.

Dalit Kaplan

Director and Writer

About Me

Dalit Kaplan (attempts to) divide her time between parenting, impact investing, writing, teaching storytelling, and engaging in human rights advocacy work.

She completed her BA/LLB with honours at the University of Melbourne and her Masters in Law at the University of Chicago.

Dalit is a directors of Just World Investments, an impact investment fund that seeks to harness capital to create meaningful social and environmental change and to solve some of our generation’s greatest challenges. The fund’s portfolio is broad, but as a director, her focus is on sectors that directly affect women and carers. All profits are donated to charities and advocacy organisations.

Dalit also founded Storywell in 2014, a business that provides workshops, coaching and podcast services for purpose driven organisations and start-ups in the craft of storytelling. Her storytelling methodology is informed by the way she has learnt to craft narratives around her own experiences of crisis, and is guided by a radically empathetic relationship between storyteller and listener.

Dalit has published a number of personal essays and is working on a novel based on some of her experiences.


BA/LLB (Hons) University of Melbourne
LLM University of Chicago

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