Lilian Darmono

Art Director, Illustrator, and social activist

About Me

Lilian Darmono was born in Indonesia to Chinese migrant parents. She left home at 14 years old to study in Singapore on ASEAN scholarship. In 1999 she received a scholarship to study Design at Swinburne National Institute of Design in Melbourne, Australia.

Upon graduating with a Master’s Degree in 2003, she pursued a career in the creative industry, eventually specialising in Art Direction in the animation and motion design industry. Her expertise is helping clients communicate their brand message, through a diverse range of aesthetic and medium.

In 2008 she became a contributor to Motionographer, the most-visited inspiration blog in the animation and motion design industry. Her focus area is to bring diversity and highlight minorities’ perspective and stories, including (but not limited to) women.

Her professional clientele has included major corporations like Google, Honda, Ford. After living in Sydney and London, she has finally returned to Melbourne, Australia which she considers to be her home.

Her social activism has also included mentorship and public speaking engagements. This has included being a speaker at Faux Images Berlin, a guest lecturer at Maryland Institute College of Art on a few occassions and one-to-one mentorship organised through high schools to help aspiring young people find their place in the creative industry.


Bachelor of Graphic Design Honours (Swinburne National Institute of Design 2002).

Master's of Multimedia Design (Swinburne National Institute of Design, 2003)

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