Megan Powell du Toit

Ordained Minister, Editor, Lecturer, Writer, Speaker

About Me

After her BA (hons), Megan worked as an editor for two years. She then did a BMin (hons) at Morling College, obtaining a first class honours degree and the highest GPA ever in Morling’s history (and also its accrediting body the Australian College of Theology). She was also the first woman married to a non-pastor to be accepted for ordination in the Baptist Churches of NSW and the ACT.

After completing her studies, Megan worked as a pastor for 13 years. She also worked for Morling College as an Adjunct Lecturer and tutor. She has recently moved to the Australian College of Theology, and is engaged in editorial, research and policy work there. From June 2017, she will take up the role of editor of Colloquium, a peer-reviewed theological journal. She is currently completing PhD studies in Systematic Theology.

As well as these main roles, Megan is a speaker and writer, and sits on denominational committees.


Ordination in the Association of Baptist Churches NSW and ACT
PhD candidate, UD, present
Bachelor of Ministry Honours, Morling College 2002
Bachelor of Arts Honours Macquarie University 1995

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