Courtney Keefe

Partnerships & Community Education Manager

About Me

Courtney is a learning & development professional with over 12 years’ experience in workshop facilitation, public speaking and designing and developing community education programs for the non-profit sector. As an education professional, she understands how to distil complex research information on gender, the law and social justice issues into easily digestible and engaging workshops that aim to build the capacity of front-line workers here in Melbourne.

Courtney has a strong passion for gender equality that manifested in her postgraduate research on human trafficking for sexual exploitation and more recently in workshops for the community sector on better supporting women in the licensed sex industry and women trafficked for sexual exploitation.

Courtney designed and developed Australia’s first e-learning module on financial abuse in the context of family violence aimed to build the capacity of the community sector to identify and respond to instances of financial abuse in a gendered violence setting. The project was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award by Financial Literacy Australia and was rolled out to more than 200 community organisations across Australia.

Courtney is also a member of the Advisory Group for the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA), advocating on behalf of Project Respect to ensure that the unique experiences of women in the sex industry and women trafficked for sexual exploitation are heard on a national level.


BA in English from Fairfield University in the U.S.
MA in International Relations with a focus on Gender from Monash University
Currently undertaking a Juris Doctor of Law at Monash University

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