Tamsyn Van Rheenen PhD

Cognitive scientist; advocate for young researchers

Tamsyn Van Rheenen PhD

Research Fellow

About Me

Dr Tamsyn Van Rheenen is an NHMRC Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. Her research focuses on understanding cognition in the major psychiatric disorders using behavioural and neuroscientific techniques. Dr Van Rheenen’s clarification of the cognitive phenotypes associated with these psychiatric disorders will inform the development of treatments aimed specifically at this symptom dimension. Her work has been published in several leading journals in her field, has attracted national and international media coverage and has been recognised with several awards including a High Commendation for the Discovery Award from research Australia, a Young Tall Poppy Science Award for Excellence in Research and Science Communication, and an Association for Psychological Science ‘Rising Star’ Award.


Bachelor of Social Science (Swinburne University); Bachelor of Arts (hons) (Swinburne University); Doctor of Philosophy (Swinburne University)

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