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Lou Pollard

Professional Fool, Writer, Character Actor, Speaker, Single mum

About Me

In her long career as a professional fool, Lou Pollard has been heckled by 40 guys on a buck’s night, interviewed by police and advertised whitegoods on TV, all in the name of feeding her children.

Lou has appeared on Playschool, The Today Show, Saving Kids & Saturday Disney and in ads for Aldi, Budget Direct, Coles, Hammerite Paints, Ikea & Whirlpool.

Lou has performed at the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals, Adelaide Fringe & Woodford Festivals & supported Arj Barker, Peter Berner & Felicity Ward.

Her numerous media appearances include interviews with Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News, Sunday and Daily Telegraph, 2UE. Lou has also been a regular guest on ABC Radio with Dom Knight.

Lou is a Clown Doctor and speaks on behalf of The Humour Foundation charity for corporate and community groups on how to relieve stress with laughter.


Ensemble Theatre School - 3-year acting Diploma

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