Karen Morley MAPS GAICD

Helping leaders realise their full potential

Karen Morley MAPS GAICD

Executive Coach | Speaker | Author | Facilitator

About Me

I help leaders to realise their full potential. I work with leaders to help them grow engaged, motivated people who do great work and love it, who respect their bosses and are proud of their organisations.

The work of leadership is challenging. I continue to admire those exceptional leaders whom everyone wants to work with and who get great results. My goal is to help other leaders get there.

I am an experienced Executive Coach, and find it inspiring to coach leaders individually. Group and team coaching can be even more powerful than individual coaching. Leaders who develop their capability and their own coaching style collaboratively with other leaders magnify the impact of development, double engagement and get twice as much done.

My passion is accelerating leadership careers and inspiring inclusion. The most effective leaders use everyone’s talents to the full, and my programs promote inclusive leadership strategies and practices. I am an authority on the benefits of gender balanced leadership and how to help women to succeed in senior organisational roles.


M.Psych, PhD, GAICD

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