Sasha Leong

Here I Am

Sasha Leong

Performing Artist & Emerging Community Leader

About Me

Sasha Leong is an independent performing artist, an arts worker and emerging leader in her community.

Her professional experiences include working with not-for-profit and community/social organisations, working with multi-disciplinary teams, event and project management, and co-developing community arts programs. She is passionate and committed to life long learning, promotion of physical and mental health awareness, gender equity, and supporting young people and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

As a performing artist, Sasha works across multi-art forms, mainly in dance/movement and acting. Her practice stems from a passion and curiosity to discover and share stories, and she believes that the arts play an important role in connecting communities. Some of her previous works can be viewed on

Sasha regularly volunteered with Travellers Aid Australia and North Melbourne Language & Learning Centre, the inaugural Flem-Ken Festival of Arts & Ideas, and other social events in support of local causes. Since moving to the Inner West in Oct 2018, she is actively seeking and participating in opportunities to support her local community.

Sasha is a recent participant of Leadership Victoria’s 2018 New & Emerging Cultural Leadership program for women.

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