Penny Underwood

I provide creative, effective, and generous support for the NFP sector.

Penny Underwood

Journalist & PR consultant

About Me

Penny established MediaWise in 1992. She has extensive experience in developing and implementing communication strategies, event PR, stakeholder campaigns, and liaison with local, national and international media.

Penny holds qualifications in Public Relations, Journalism and Arts. She began her working life in the UK, spending 10 years as a journalist and researcher for regional, national and international print and broadcast media, including the BBC and Channel 4.

She works as a PR advisor, communications strategist and consultant to not for profit agencies in the fields of ageing, homelessness, family violence, education, medical research.

Her work includes

Strategic advice and planning: We conduct communication audits in order to map and plan communications strategies to achieve specific goals. We put in place measurable strategies to evaluate PR efforts.

Media relations and publicity: We help organisations seek media opportunities by identifying angles, story ideas and links with journalists. We plan and prepare media releases, media conferences, launches and publicity events that capture media interest.

Public information campaigns: We help stimulate community debate by developing fresh approaches to capture the attention of specific target groups. This includes social media.

Websites, publications, posters, videos, displays: We work with clients to determine the best medium and channels for their messages. We are involved through all stages from concept development and preparation through to final production and distribution, providing a one-stop shop for clients, or help with a particular aspect only.

Conferences: MediaWise has a long history of successfully promoting health, environment, community and social justice conferences.

Marketing and promotions: We are available to help with publicity for product launches, open days and special events etc.

Crisis management: We develop crisis communication plans that dovetail with risk and disaster recovery plans. We can either implement the strategies or provide advice to in-house teams in order to communicate effectively to staff and other stakeholders.

Media training: We provide media and presentation training.

Selecting staff and setting up communications’ teams: MediaWise can assist with setting up communications units, including selecting staff and developing policies.


Deakin University, BA.
Dip Journalism (Harlow, UK)
Dip PR (Harlow, UK)

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