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Erica Gurner

Experiential Facilitator, Educator and Consultant specialising in Nature Connection

About Me

Erica is passionate about facilitating relationships between people and the rest of the natural world. With a background in bush and adventure therapy, outdoor education, experiential learning and community mental health, Erica provides opportunities for participants to see nature; see themselves in nature and see nature in wellbeing and sustainability. Erica has facilitated workshops with community mental-health agencies, schools and the general public and presented and written about the use of creative-based inquiry for exploring relationships with nature. Erica is dedicated to ensuring that experiences in/with nature are valued and understood to be an essential component of wellbeing and a prerequisite to sustainable behaviour.

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Graduate Diploma, Experiential Learning and Development, Wilderness Therapy & Youth
Graduate Diploma, Education Secondary
Diploma Outdoor Recreation
Certificate IV Training and Assessment
Bachelor of Science, Hons Genetics

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