Toni Meek

Community Relations Specialist

About Me

Toni is currently working at Yarra Valley Water as Community Engagement Manager. Toni has been working in the environment sector for over almost 30 years including roles at Melbourne Water and EPA Victoria and the private sector. Prior to that Toni worked in the community sector as a social work practitioner and as an academic.

Toni is a community relations specialist with a high level of expertise in community engagement and consultation, media relations, risk communication, issues management, and conflict resolution particularly in environmental and related areas.

Nationally, Toni has worked with a range of industry and government sectors to develop and enhance their stakeholder and community relations approaches and resolve specific community issues. She has also developed and implemented various community relations initiatives to deal with communities affected by environmental problems such as soil contamination, industrial pollution, and large-scale water infrastructure construction works and operations.

Internationally Toni has also worked on several projects either in-country in India and the Philipines, or training overseas-based personnel in Australia. Toni’s work in India involved working with a Government environmental regulator to deliver training programs to staff to enhance their community and stakeholder engagement approaches. She was also involved in the development and implementation of a community consultation program to support the successful siting of a solid industrial waste landfill in Andhra Pradesh.

In the Philippines, Toni worked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Environmental Management Bureau, reviewing the public awareness and education components of the Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program.

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