Bec Tilley

Joyful Singing, Strong Speech, Vocal Health.
Creative expression, touching the dark & light.

Bec Tilley

Musician, Artist, Voice Coach

About Me

Driven by passion for music, art, voice, the human body & mind, and making a difference.

I am a musician, vocalist, artist, model, and writer. I create art, model, and perform under the stage name Tilley. My art & music encompasses a wide variety of mediums & styles.

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I also work as a voice coach, specialising in anatomy-based technique for joyful singing, strong speech, and vocal health. I’m all about improving people’s confidence and quality of life & work through the way they use their voice.

If a vocalist wants to get fast, tangible results, and know exactly how to achieve the sound they’re chasing, investing in a voice coach with experience in vocal anatomy is essential. Singing shouldn’t have to be frustrating trial-and-error. A lot of voice teaching works with “imagery-based” instructions, which can be confusing. Learning how my voice actually worked took the mystery and frustration out of singing. Now I love passing that understanding on to others, and seeing the “A-ha!” moment happen for singers when they realise the control that’s available to them through these techniques! This approach is applicable both to professional vocalists as well as complete beginners to singing.

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Estill Voice Training Certificate of Figure Proficiency
Bachelor of Music
Diploma of Music Performance

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