Kathy Harrison

Biotechnology executive passionate about transforming innovation to benefit patients.

Kathy Harrison

CEO of Dimerix Limited

About Me

Kathy is currently CEO of Dimerix Limited, an ASX listed drug development company focussed on developing a treatment for chronic kidney disease.

Kathy has built her career by combining her interests in and passion for science, intellectual property/ legal protection of inventions and translation of inventions into products, particularly in human healthcare. Her background includes undergraduate and post graduate degrees in science, qualifications and private practice experience as a Patent Attorney, and product development experience in three ASX listed biotechnology company’s prior to Dimerix. These create a blend of skills well suited to tackling human healthcare needs in a commercial context.

Kathy enjoys the opportunity to help PhD candidates starting their journey in industry through the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS) program.



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