Yolanda Vega

Women need to exert power with determination and focus.

Yolanda Vega

Outcome focussed

About Me

Yolanda Vega a sessional lecturer is Leadership at Swinburne University. She is the former CEO at the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AWCCI). Her research has been cited in various publications, and the media often seek her opinion. She has featured in BRW, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Marie Claire, and The Australian; on ABC News, QandA, SkyNews, Radio National, 2GB and more.

Her current PhD research focuses on sex discrimination and international law.

Yolanda has been described as a “change-maker with a can-do attitude. An impactful leader with a clarity of vision and drive that others envy. Yolanda’s outcome-focus is reinforced with her multi-lingual and global executive skill sets”.

Her career began in communications; she has worked in Australia and abroad as a journalist, with not-for-profits, governments, small business, and Blue Chips. Yolanda speaks several languages.

Various scholarships have been awarded for her leadership skills; she has gained the support of leaders and has an excellent track record within various industries. Yolanda is often told that her energy is contagious. In 2012 a publication placed Yolanda on the cover of their magazine as ‘a leader to watch.’


Life experience, mentor, mentee, writer, teacher, speaker, human, woman.

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