Amber Summerfield

Full time home educating Mother of 4

Amber Summerfield

Full time Mother

About Me

Hello. I have been a full time Mother for 21 years. My 4 children have been educated at home, 2 are now young adults.

I believe in Motherhood as a Career. (Home educating is an added extra!)

I have witnessed and experienced extraordinary health and happiness in children, teenagers and young adults who have ‘Available’ parents.

I don’t see my career choice given the equal attention, support and understanding that it deserves.

I believe that prevention is better than the cure and that Motherhood plays a major role in creating a healthy community. Not just for the young, but also the middle aged, retired and elderly.


I am unqualified in the eyes of our society.
(I also have no superannuation, no holiday pay or sick leave and am on the same hourly rate as I was at 13 years old!) I am now 46 years old and have been educating myself for the past 21 years through the important, time consuming and complicated task of growing the future generation and caring for my community, elders and the environment.

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