Vinita Christie

To thine own self be true

Vinita Christie

Integrated systems thinker, Conscious leader, Change maker, Cultural intelligence and diversity

About Me

Born and raised in India with over twenty years of a successful corporate career in finance, strategy and global taxation across multiple emerging and developed markets, industries and well known organisations, Vinita brings unique diverstity of thought and experience with ‘holistic’ thinking, genuine care and compassion and sound business acumen. After migrating from India to Australia in 1999 based on an instinctive decision, she has spent intense hours of personal study in understanding the fundamental differences in the Eastern and Western thought and ways of life. From family relationships, to work ethic, to use of debt, propensity to plan, reason and intuition, religion and spirituality, her awareness has expanded to draw on the best from all cultures in response to the global consciousness explosion and how it is imperative to access both sides to experience the whole. Neither East not West is complete without the other. Vinita is a keen innovator in leadership and management theory and practice and a strong advocate of personal responsibility in all situations for driving creative and lasting value accretive change.


Chartered Accountancy
Masters of Commerce (Taxation)

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