Dr Becky Batagol

I love working with people who feel less confident about gender and social inclusion.

Dr Becky Batagol

Associate Professor

About Me

Becky Batagol is an associate professor of Law at Monash University. She is an excellent speaker who brings a strong research acumen and evidence-base to presentations on feminism and gender equality. She specialises in speaking to audiences who are less familiar with concepts of gender and the approaches of feminism. Becky is a socially engaged academic whose work has real impact in the world, especially in relation to both gender and family violence. Her academic practice centres on tackling difficult social problems and considering whether we can improve people’s lives through law and policy reform. Becky has experience leading team-based research in a law reform, government, practical and academic context. The research that Becky has contributed to had been acknowledged as contributing to law reform and policy change. Recent projects have included work on gender equality for water and sanitation infrastructure and on economic abuse and financial institutions.


BA (hons); LLB (hons); PhD.

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