Jenny Hickinbotham

Time to think is the most important time you can spend.

Jenny Hickinbotham

Mentally Free

About Me

Survived chronic and enduring child abuse. Survived and eliminated controlling and manipulative voice, (someone I knew well) after sixty years. Freedom to think. Freedom to function independently. Incredible growth and learning experience. Public Speaker on Mind Freedoms and Mental Health Recovery. Facilitator of Mental Health Learning Workshops, for businesses and for those who live with mental health challenges, oneonone or group. Writer of essays, short story and poetry.
Mature age student. Creator of art, collage, abstract painting, oils, sound art and film/video production.
Unconscious becomes conscious, if you listen.
Dalai Lama said, if you speak you say something you already know, if you listen you may learn.
Socrates said: strong minds think about ideas, lesser minds think about events, weak minds think about people.


Educated by Life. Fought back, after abuse and trauma.
BA RMIT Fine Art (nearly complete)
BA Flinders University, English and Drama
Grad Dip Library and Info Services

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