Heat Waves and Gender Gaps: Navigating the Complexities of Climate Change in Australia

Image: Chris Putman   Climate change represents a universal crisis, impacting every region of our planet through extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and shifting weather patterns. In the context of this global issue, Australia emerges as a crucial example where the dynamics of gender equality and climate change intersect markedly. This article aims to elucidate how climate change intensifies gender inequalities in Australia, emphasising the imperative of addressing these disparities to pave the way for a sustainable future. Economic Disparities and Female Vulnerability Economic disparities render women particularly susceptible...

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Amelia Telford is Sowing the Seeds of Climate Action.

Amelia Telford is an Aboriginal and South Sea Islander woman from Bundajalung country and the National Director and Founder of Seed, an offset of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and the first Indigenous Youth Climate Network. Since Seed’s launch in 2014, the organisation has expanded rapidly, becoming a national grassroots network that both connects and bolsters the voices of young Indigenous people. Amelia and her organisation represent a movement within climate activism to position marginalised voices — those most affected — at the centre.  Amelia emphasises, “It is not only...

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