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Meet the team: Tarik Bayrakli on gender equality and parenthood

Get to know Tarik Bayrakli, manager of Club Respect, one of our major harm prevention initiatives. Tarik is also host of Smart Plays, a new podcast that uncovers the biggest problems facing Australian sport, and what it will take to bring sport into the modern world of respect.

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Boys Being Boys?

In this article for the Trust Journal, medical student Niranjanan Sriganeshwaran explains why he was compelled to write a one person play unmasking toxic masculinity.

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Introducing Matters That Count

Imagine. Candidates with the best chance of winning Lower House seats in the forthcoming federal election are asked by constituents where they stand on a set of key issues of deep concern to so many, especially women.   You and your friends work to secure their responses on these issues. Your summaries of their responses are promoted across your networks— family, other friends, acquaintances, colleagues and your community networks, ultimately assisting people to make informed choices about candidates on election day. Once your representative takes a seat in the Lower House, you and...

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