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Lucia Osborne-Crowley on the importance of trauma-informed care

CW: Sexual assault Lucia Osborne-Crowley is the author of I Choose Elena and My Body Keeps Your Secrets, two memoirs that deal with the aftermath of sexual trauma. Here, Lucia writes about the importance of trauma-informed care in clinical settings, and why it should be standard practice for the safety, empowerment and healing of all patients.  

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Hermina Burns’ Feminist Poetry Reading List

Hermina Burns is a co-host of our 2020 poetry podcast Between the Leaves , and an accomplished poet in her own right. Hermina is the author of four poetry collections, Bite of a Bluebottle and Against Separation Creek (2019), and the just published Crossing a Line and Dodging the Relative. Hermina sees her roles of poet and feminist as intimately intertwined. Here, she shares a collection of poems that invite a reflection on feminism and the many issues women and gender diverse people face.  

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Introducing Matters That Count

Imagine. Candidates with the best chance of winning Lower House seats in the forthcoming federal election are asked by constituents where they stand on a set of key issues of deep concern to so many, especially women.   You and your friends work to secure their responses on these issues. Your summaries of their responses are promoted across your networks— family, other friends, acquaintances, colleagues and your community networks, ultimately assisting people to make informed choices about candidates on election day. Once your representative takes a seat in the Lower House, you and...

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