CyberSmart Women: Legal options for dealing with online harassment

Caitlin McGrane is the Project Lead—Enhancing Online Safety for Women at Gender Equity Victoria. Here, she tells us about CyberSmart Women, a guide commissioned by the Victorian Women’s Trust and produced by Gender Equity Victoria to inform women of their legal options in response to online harassment.

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A message to journalists reporting on violence

"I’ve been writing about the erasure of men’s violence against women in the media for over a decade now. I’ve written articles, started the FixedIt social media campaign, studied it university and written a book about it. So, I guess by now you could almost call it an obsession."

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Reflections on Coercive Control

Megan Rosato reflects on 'Love, Power and Control' webinar series, featuring experts from the UK and Australia discussing the implications of criminalising coercive control.

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