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Sexism in the stands

There are signs of change and a healthier masculinity amongst the ranks of AFLM, but does it go far enough?

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Peggy O’Neal, Richmond Football Club President, Made Honorary Doctor of Law

Swinburne University recognised the life and work of Peggy O'Neal, by awarding her an Honorary Doctorate of Law. Her acceptance speech (republished here) spans her formative years in a coal mining town in the Appalachian Mountains to becoming President of the Richmond Football Club – the first woman in AFL history to ever do so. Read her speech in full.

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More Than Silverware

Author Nicole Hayes writes about her on-again, off-again relationship with Aussie Rules: "just when I think it’s all over between footy and me, just when I’m ready to file for divorce or a trial separation, something happens so filled with joy, so powerful in what it represents, that I end up falling in love all over again."

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Club Respect: a new kind of team

Club Respect, a new digital toolkit created by the Victorian Women’s Trust and Nirodah, will help sporting clubs of all codes and levels hit the ground running when it comes to preventing violent or abusive behaviour.

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Nova Peris OAM Joins Breakthrough!

Nova Peris OAM has lived up to her name many times over. She shone on the world stage as an athlete, winning gold three times. She earned her first gold at just 25 years of age, as part of the Australian women’s hockey team in the 1996 Olympics. She had a seven year old daughter at the time, placing her in the extremely rare category of Olympic champion, young mother and the first ever Indigenous Australian gold medalist. Seventeen years later, Nova became the first Indigenous woman to be elected...

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