Equal Representation

More than Autism awareness, let’s aim to understand

More and more women are being diagnosed with Autism later in life. If you are wanting to know how to better support someone with Autism, have recently been diagnosed, or are thinking that maybe, possibly, you might be Autistic yourself (thanks TikTok), you'll want to give these resources a look.

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Booked Up for Summer

We asked well-read feminist Mel Fulton — host of Triple RRR's book show, Literati Glitterati — to share her hot tips for engrossing summer reads by women and gender diverse writers. From epic family sagas to witty and reflective personal essays, here's Mel's top recommended reads.

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Empowerment or Reinforced Stereotypes: Decoding Girlhood Today

From Taylor Swift's Eras tour to Greta Gerwig's blockbuster Barbie film, 2023 has sparked a new celebration of girlhood. Contrasted with social media trends like "Girl Dinner" and "Girlsplaining" it raises questions about empowerment versus the reinforcement of harmful stereotypes.

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