Equal Representation

VWT Event | Women Represent: Power, Politics and Making a Difference

Hosted by the Victorian Women's Trust on Monday 31 October 2022, Women Represent: Power, Politics and Making a Difference was an online panel discussion which sought to unpack the power women hold in office (despite their numbers) and the ways in which women lead. Moderated by Mary Crooks AO and featuring panelists such as Ramona Vijeyarasa (author of 'The Woman President', a unique comparative study of women's leadership and the law); Fiona Patten MP (Leader of the Reason Party); The Hon. Judith Troeth (former Liberal MP); Samantha Ratnam (Leader of the...

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Hermina Burns’ Feminist Poetry Reading List

Hermina Burns is a co-host of our 2020 poetry podcast Between the Leaves , and an accomplished poet in her own right. Hermina is the author of four poetry collections, Bite of a Bluebottle and Against Separation Creek (2019), and the just published Crossing a Line and Dodging the Relative. Hermina sees her roles of poet and feminist as intimately intertwined. Here, she shares a collection of poems that invite a reflection on feminism and the many issues women and gender diverse people face.  

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Introducing Matters That Count

Imagine. Candidates with the best chance of winning Lower House seats in the forthcoming federal election are asked by constituents where they stand on a set of key issues of deep concern to so many, especially women.   You and your friends work to secure their responses on these issues. Your summaries of their responses are promoted across your networks— family, other friends, acquaintances, colleagues and your community networks, ultimately assisting people to make informed choices about candidates on election day. Once your representative takes a seat in the Lower House, you and...

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