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The video that got Froomes through lockdown

"It must have something to do with not being able to go outside. Instead of discovering new places, we’ve resorted to digging around in the bowels of YouTube, unearthing oldies and goodies; reliving a past that feels unbelievably out of reach."

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Watch: Brazen Hussies Panel Talk

Catch up on 'Brazen Hussies Panel Talk', a Zoom panel talk including Brazen Hussies director Catherine Dwyer; Dr. Emma Fulu (executive director, the Equality Institute); and Christina Hobbs (CEO, Verve Super); moderated by Mary Crooks AO (executive director, Victorian Women's Trust).

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Content warning: sexual violence. See support services here. MIFF is back! The Melbourne International Film Festival (which has been running since 1952) is happening from 1-18 August 2019. The three-week film extravaganza will see some of the best works from around the globe playing on screens at some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues, including Cinema Nova, the Capitol and the Forum theatre. With over 400 films to choose from, a quick scroll through the programme may leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.  Luckily, we’ve done the hard yards for you and put...

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