Women Slaying the Tech World Under One Roof

Kickass Women: Slaying the Tech World brought together innovative female leaders from the tech and business world as they shared their triumphs, challenges and the lessons learnt along the way.

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Now that we have your attention

Leena van Deventer talks about life after workplace diversity. Teaching girls to code is all well and good, but what comes happens after that? As a game developer, educator and author Leena understands all to well what it means to be out numbered in the workplace. And as she says, 'the struggle doesn't end with people getting hired'. If we really want diversity through and through — we need to start at the top.

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Women on the Front Line: A How To Guide on Surviving and Fighting Back in Digital Spaces

Mon 7 Nov We all know how rough it can be sometimes to exist as women in online spaces. But if you’re a woman online who’s also actively confronting bigotry in 2016, there's a good chance you’ll need to brace yourself for a truck load of hatred from an onslaught of idiots. Celeste Liddle (unionist, writer, creator of blog ‘Rantings of an Aboriginal Feminist’), Clementine Ford (author of ‘Fight Like a Girl’, Journalist, Activist), Mariam Veiszadeh (lawyer, anti-bigotry advocate, founder of anti-islamaphobia register),Van Badham (playwright, author, columnist, unionist) and Stephanie Bendixson (writer and...

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