Jossy Jimenez

Mental Health and Wellbeing Facilitator

Jossy Jimenez

Facilitator & Mediator

About Me

I am a highly qualified, experienced, and passionate wellbeing consultant and facilitator.

I know, from the best part of a decade developing and implementing wellbeing strategies and programs in Australia and abroad — from world-leading educational institutions and market-leading companies to community groups and individual schools — what constitutes best practice in wellbeing.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing or developing a wellbeing program or are interested in private consultations, or for speaking or conference requests.


I have extensive and advanced training in relevant wellbeing modalities. I have a master’s in human development, a hybrid qualification in psychology and education, as well as more specific training in, for instance, mindfulness-based stress reduction (from UC San Diego), compassion cultivation training (from Stanford), and certifications as a mindfulness facilitator (from Mindful Schools, and UCLA). I completed the latter certification at UCLA’s renowned Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour. I'm also a certified Family Dispute Resolution facilitator by Relationships Australia Victoria.

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