Danielle Kennedy

A big picture thinker in physical technologies

Danielle Kennedy

Director, AIM Future Science Platform

About Me

Dr Danielle Kennedy is the director of CSIRO’s Active Integrated Matter Future Science Platform, known as AIM. It is a long term investment by CSIRO in visionary break through science. Danielle has a background in chemistry, materials and nanoscience obtaining her a PhD in chemistry from the University of New South Wales in 2007. Danielle has worked at the interface of disciplines coupling robotic experimental techniques, with big data analysis and Synchrotron characterisation to fast track materials discovery in advanced nanomaterials. She has worked with large chemical industry developing catalysts and undertaken a lot of fundamental research in physical chemistry underpinning structure property relationships. In her current role directing Active Integrated Matter, or AIM, a new CSIRO future science platform Dr Kennedy leads more than 200 researchers working across materials, robotics, physical processing, sensors, informatics and autonomous systems.


PhD in Chemistry at UNSW
10 years at CSIRO in Manufacturing

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