Claire Ferres Miles

Strategy, partnerships and courage - working together to achieve public value

Claire Ferres Miles

Acting Chief Executive Officer, City of Melbourne

About Me

An action-oriented optimistic Executive with a strategic mindset, I am an outstanding communicator and storyteller with experience and demonstrated commitment to public service. With the need for agile leadership in a city of rapid growth and disruption I am purposeful, enjoy complexity, have sound tactical judgement, with an ability to foresee and mitigate strategic risks and embrace new opportunities.

Coupled with an innate curiosity I embrace reform and cultivate an organisational culture of continuous improvement to engage and innovate – to create new and better ways to achieve best-value public service outcomes for the Victorian community.

With an international resume across both public and private sectors, I am known for my ability to build impactful partnerships with key stakeholders, recognised in 2017 as a ‘Top 50 Woman in the Victorian Public Sector’ for my commitment to collaborative leadership and effective engagement with the community and across Governments.

Experience in achieving performance targets, delivering priority outcomes, systems and process reform, and a focus on a positive organisational culture I have achieved a 35% uplift in staff alignment and engagement with a commitment to leading a safe, equitable and inclusive workplace.

As a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, coupled with skills from two Master Degrees in Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering and Bachelor in Planning and Urban Design/Landscape Architecture I have the skills to explore, problem-solve and proactively respond to the challenges of rapid population growth, liveability and changing customer expectations for service delivery. I have a passion and vision for designing and building great cities of today and tomorrow places for people that are diverse, inclusive, prosperous and healthy.


- Australian Institute of Company Directors, 2017
- Master of Traffic, Monash University, 2011
- Master of Transport, Monash University, 2010
- Bachelors of Planning & Design Honors, University of Melbourne, 1992
- Bachelors of Applied Science, University of Oregon (International Exchange) 1989

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