Alana Hulme Chambers

Focusing on people's stories gives context about broader community life

Alana Hulme Chambers

Academic: sexual and reproductive health, Martial arts practitioner

About Me

Alana is difficult to categorise. Her professional background lies in academia: she has held university positions for the past decade and specialises in sexual and reproductive health research in the rural context. However, Alana’s lived experiences as an adopted child, homeless young person and martial arts practitioner underpin her passion and commitment to improving equity for communities whose voices are often unheard in public commentaries about issues affecting Australian’s health and well-being.

Alana uses her own stories, interwoven with research data and the stories of others (with permission) to critique and comment in ways that encourage new insights into complex, contemporary issues.


PhD (Deakin) 2006
Master of Evaluation (The University of Melbourne) 2014
Bachelor Applied Science (Hons) (Health promotion) (Deakin) 1998

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