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Menstrual Activism is Taking Over the World

A new wave of period activism is a-flowin’ (ha) around the world. High on the agenda is tackling period poverty to support  the millions of people around the world who can not afford menstrual supplies, promoting sustainable alternatives like reusable menstrual cups in the face of climate change and campaigning for greater awareness of periods in the workplace, schools and life in general. Menstrual activists  are united in fighting for drastic change in the way we think about periods. Reimagining menstruation as something positive and worthy of celebration, undermining the pervasive...

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Lindstrom’s work depicts, ‘a woman, standing defiantly, ready for battle with both hope and heart’.

Well, this is pretty darn exciting! After months of secret scheming behind the scenes, we're finally ready to show you the joyous artwork Alice Lindstrom has created for the Victorian Women's Trust, available now in the VWT Shop. Based in Melbourne, Alice's work forms the centrepiece of our end of year fundraising appeal, When She Rises, We All Rise (donate here). Alice is a maker with a passion for representing women in all their diversity. Her collages offer a glimpse into worlds of possibility, gracing children's books, tea cups, cards and countless walls. And now,...

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