Alyce Alexandra

Homemade and homegrown is always healthiest

Alyce Alexandra


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Alyce is an entrepreneur and best-selling author of eight cookbooks, the first of which she wrote at 22. She is a Penguin Random House author, has her own range of cooking accessories that she designs and manufactures, runs her own cooking school and is creator of popular website and social channels. She runs her business with her two sisters.

Alyce lives for fresh, wholesome, high-quality food that respects every step of the cooking process, from the growers to the cooking to the eating. She beleives passionately in the importance of home cooking to benefit individual health, community, relationships, environment, food security and animal wefare. She grows much of her own food, creating her own ‘garden ecosystem’ with veggies, chickens, bees and alpacas and fruit trees.


Bachelor of Laws with Honours, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Commerce, University of Melbourne

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