Barbara Swiatkiwsky

Helping women with home based massage businesses create dependable income

Barbara Swiatkiwsky

Massage Biz Coach | Bowen Therapist

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Barbara Swiatkiwsky works to empower women with home-based massage businesses to be proud, confident therapists who generate dependable income without feeling pushy or salesy.

She is an expert at distilling the critical business skills women need for a sustainable home-based biz into bite-sized chunks that keep businesses growing.

Barbara started her massage journey over 25 years ago when she graduated with a degree in Human Movement and thought . . . ‘What now?’

During a weekend intro to massage course, a door opened and she unexpectedly discovered how ‘not boring’ providing a quality massage could be. In fact, how incredibly interesting, connecting, and just ‘right’ hands-on therapy felt.

20 years on she is grateful to have loyal returning clients who really value her skills as a therapist with a home-based practice.

In addition to her home based practice, for the past 10 years she has been teaching hundreds of massage students at some of the best schools in Melbourne including ISBT-Bowen therapy as a specialty massage technique.

Because she has experienced the isolation of being in sole practice, she is always actively creating community and connection. These days you’ll find her volunteering as an Northern Burbs ambassador for Massage and Myotheapy Australia and as President of Queer Therapists Victoria, a community group she founded in 2013.

She is well into the second year of building her online coaching business that offers one-to-one support and small-group programs for women across Australia who are kickstarting a home based practice and want a helping hand to create a sustainable and profitable business.


BSc Human Movement
Dip Ed
Dip Remedial Massage
Practitioners Certificate ISBT Bowen Therapy

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