Margherita Coppolino

Disability and Diversity Consultant

About Me

Margherita Coppolino is a disability and diversity consultant. With an outstanding network of contacts in government, business and social justice organisations, Margherita has a proven ability to inspire and influence a wide range of stakeholders on disability and diversity issues. She has strong commercial acumen and the ability to frame disability and diversity issues in a commercial context. Margherita is also a powerful speaker and motivator.

Margherita is a tertiary-qualified and industry accredited Trainer and Mediator. During her consultancy career, she has also honed and developed specialist skills in project management, mediation, facilitation, recruitment, case management and keynote speaking. Margherita’s life and work have been profiled in The Australian (Lifelines section), The Gold Within by Noel Waite, Women’s Business, Women’s Wealth by Amanda Ellis. In 1999, Margherita was also the inaugural recipient of the Olive Zakharov scholarship for women in management.


Bachelor Education and Training
Diploma Training and Assessments
Diploma Training and Development
Diploma Management
Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

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