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Cassy Liberman

Author, Impact Investor & Philanthropist

About Me

Cassy is the mother of three beautiful boys. She is an Arts/Law graduate from Monash University and practiced law in her early career. From there she entered the financial world in a privately owned, international investment company which she owns and manages. Her investment mandate is for 100% positive impact investments.

Cassy is the author of a picture book series on Inspirational Australian Women.
Her book titles include Wildflower: The Life and Art of Ellis Rowan, Fighting for Freedom: Nancy Wake, Australia’s Nightingale: Nellie Melba and The Women behind the Icon: Le Louvre.

Having spent a lifetime drawn to biographies of inspiring women, she noticed a significant lack of information on wonderful female role models for her children and so embarked upon a series of luscious, picture books to rectify this anomaly. Cassy serves on the Board of the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital, is a seed funder of the Stella Prize for women’s literature, along with various philanthropic pursuits.

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