Lee Sandwith

An impactful and accomplished leader working in creativity and innovation

Lee Sandwith

Managing Director - Trio Agency, Actor, Photographer

About Me

Lee is the co-founder of the Trio Agency, a partner agency working with clients in Australia and across the world.

Lee is a highly organised, impactful and accomplished leader with over 20 years’ professional experience in government, corporate and creative sectors.

She is recognised as a creative and systematic thinker, both a rare and useful ability. With the ability to imagine openings and forge through them safely in a wide-open sea of opportunity she has supported the client she has worked with to find the growth they seek.

Lee believes that no business is a silo and as such her team work with them holistically.

It is full immersion. Tactical. Measurable.

She is currently working with a number of tech start-ups, non-for-profits, large national corporations and SMEs to support sustainable and tactical growth.

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