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Bleeding and Menopause

"...every single one of us who bleeds can imagine what it feels like to have someone shame us for that. Many of us have experienced that shame firsthand."

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Alice Lindstrom puts women at the centre

"'About Bloody Time’ is something I wish had been around when I was a teenager. I want to support the dismantling of misogynistic attitudes to periods and by extension, women’s bodies, in any way I can."

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Menstrual Activism is Taking Over the World

A new wave of period activism is a-flowin’ (ha) around the world. High on the agenda is tackling period poverty to support  the millions of people around the world who can not afford menstrual supplies, promoting sustainable alternatives like reusable menstrual cups in the face of climate change and campaigning for greater awareness of periods in the workplace, schools and life in general. Menstrual activists  are united in fighting for drastic change in the way we think about periods. Reimagining menstruation as something positive and worthy of celebration, undermining the pervasive...

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