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A rallying cry for the brave, and the defiant

In this edited extract from Mary Crooks' essay, Destination Equality, the patriarchal order that governs our lives is laid bare, and so too is the road ahead. Taken from the essay collection Fragility and Hope in a World of Uncertainty (Future Leaders), Mary asserts that equality is not inevitable, it's hard won.

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Clem Ford on the superficial privilege of masculinity

Clem Ford's new book, Boys Will Be Boys, seeks to challenge the cultural expectations placed on men. But this book is not about men being sh*t”, she says. “This is about how the world that we live in enables men to do deeply sh*tty things”.

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Club Respect: a new kind of team

Club Respect, a new digital toolkit created by the Victorian Women’s Trust and Nirodah, will help sporting clubs of all codes and levels hit the ground running when it comes to preventing violent or abusive behaviour.

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