Nicole Smith

Blank pages excite me - there's a possibility of magic.

Nicole Smith

Writer, Communications Officer

About Me

“Her library filled her bookshelves and then overflowed into waist-high stacks of books everywhere, piled haphazardly against the walls. If just one of them moved… the domino effect could engulf the three of us in an asphyxiating mass of literature.” (John Green – Looking for Alaska)

If I could spend my working life talking to interesting people and working on my laptop in hipster cafes, I’d be living the dream! I want to make writing and speaking my career.

I am currently employed as Membership Engagement and Communications Officer for Women with Disabilities Victoria. I recently began writing for Onya Magazine.

In September 2014, I won a Write-ability Fellowship from Writers Victoria. I appeared on Channel 31’s No Limits over two seasons and Channel 31’s Chair Chat over one season. I also produced/co-produced 3 episodes of Chair Chat. I was a host of SYN Radio’s Raise the Platform in 2013.

I can be seen in an upcoming independent short film titled Gaslit.


I have a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Graduate Diploma of English from La Trobe University.

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