Katherine Woodman

Senior HR Professional with a personal passion for mental health and wellbeing, respect and inclusion.

Katherine Woodman

HR Manager

About Me

I am an experienced and qualified senior HR professional with over 7 years of experience, predominantly in wholesale and FMCG environments.

Through understanding and managing my own mental illness for most of my adult life, I have a passion for education and organisational change in this area and am looking for ways to share my story and my learnings with the world.

An advocate for equality and inclusion, I am looking to learn more about organisational change in this field for my own personal and professional growth and to contribute to the organisation I work in.

Open to mentoring or being mentored.
Open to speaking or listening.
Open to new experiences and opportunities.


Diploma of Human Resources Management
Diploma of Work Health & Safety
Currently completing the Australian HR Institute's Australian Practicing Certification Program (Graduate Certificate).

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