Clem Ford on the superficial privilege of masculinity

Clem Ford's new book, Boys Will Be Boys, seeks to challenge the cultural expectations placed on men. But this book is not about men being sh*t”, she says. “This is about how the world that we live in enables men to do deeply sh*tty things”.

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Women Slaying the Tech World Under One Roof

Kickass Women: Slaying the Tech World brought together innovative female leaders from the tech and business world as they shared their triumphs, challenges and the lessons learnt along the way.

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Celebrating Eve Mahlab AO: Feminist. Philanthropist. Trailblazer.

"It's always struck me why money for building bridges is considered investment but money for childcare is a cost," said Eve to firm applause. "The VWT is simply the most effective organisation for advancing women and girls in Australia. VWT works at the top to influence public policy and it works at the bottom, to give grants to those who need it."

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