Equal Representation

Australia’s farming women have not been absent, but unrecognised

Top image: Sallie Jones and cows, Jindivick, Victoria, 23 Nov 2016 Photographer: Catherine Forge Source: Museums Victoria An old riddle goes: a father and son are in an accident, killing the father and sending the son to intensive care. When the doctor comes to see the boy, the doctor says, "oh my god, that’s my son!”. Who is the doctor? Some are quick to suggest that the doctor is the boy’s other father, adoptive father or biological father, before it dawns that the doctor could be the boy’s mother. It is in the same...

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BIG news! Sheilas is on the move.

The Victorian Women's Trust has consistently been a proud supporter of putting women's voices on the public record since we started way back in 1985. Throughout our time as a leading advocate for women, we noticed there seemed to be a lack of media coverage and conversations around issues unique to the lives of women, all around Australia. For us, this wasn't good enough, so we came up with  a solution. We developed a online platform for showcasing women’s voices about these issues and it went by the name of Sheilas....

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