Victorian Women’s Trust applauds $9.5M Early Pregnancy Loss Package

Image: T J Garvie 

The Albanese government has announced that it will be dedicating $9.5 million dollars in the Federal Budget towards families and individuals who have experienced early pregnancy loss (miscarriage), a move strongly supported by the Victorian Women’s Trust.  

Early Pregnancy Loss Coalition Chair Isy Oderberg said, “This is a statement from the Federal Government that miscarriage matters, it’s a huge reflection around how the pain and silence surrounding miscarriage must end and care simply has to improve.” 

An estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and around 285 miscarriages occur every day, according to Miscarriage Australia. Up to 150,000 Australian families are affected every single year. The Federal government has promised $7 million towards awareness, education, and support for miscarriage for women and their families, as well as to support healthcare professionals. An additional $6.5 million has been earmarked for the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, who will undertake a scoping study of miscarriages and sexual reproductive health. 

“As someone who has experienced miscarriage first hand and written extensively on the subject, I know that funding for research, clinics, and support services can only mean better outcomes for our community,” said Oderberg. “This is the first time any Australian government has offered untied, dedicated funding to miscarriage. It won’t fix everything, but it’s a huge start, a huge statement and we are so incredibly grateful to Minister Ged Kearney and Minister Greg Hunt for listening to the loss community and hearing our cries for help.”

Isy is the author of Hard to Bear: Investigating the science and silence of miscarriage, a work of investigative journalism, grounded in scientific research and interviews with a diverse range of people who have lived experience of miscarriage. Published by Ultimo Press in 2023, Hard to Bear and Isy’s activism, advocacy and associated journalism provided much-needed context and evidence around the need in what has historically been a chronically underfunded and under-researched area of health.

The Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust made a Targeted Impact Grant to the Jean Hailes Foundation, which enabled Isy to draw on infrastructure support, as well as pay for childcare and living costs, while she researched and wrote Hard to Bear

“We are immensely proud to see Isy’s vision realised in this way,” said Mary Crooks AO, longstanding women’s advocate and Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust. “It was critical that we found a way to support Isy’s effort. Her book, Hard to Bear has brought the issue of early pregnancy loss into sharp relief. It’s a fantastic outcome, and we look forward to seeing this government funding translate into action for people across the community.”

“So many phenomenal activists and frontline care providers across the sector have worked hard to make this possible, and I am thrilled that this funding will go directly into where it is needed, ensuring the work can begin in ensuring that no birthing parent goes through loss alone.” 

Media enquiries:
Ally Oliver-Perham, Communications Manager, Victorian Women’s Trust