Stand out from the crowd: Essential tips for a winning gender equality grant application

Our grants are designed to foster equality and support initiatives that uplift women and gender diverse communities in Victoria. By providing these funds, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change across our region. We believe in the power of grassroots projects to transform lives and communities.

The Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust has been funding feminist community projects since 1985. Our annual grants program is made possible thanks to 17 named Sub-Funds, established by passionate donors who share our gender equality vision. 

Key steps for a winning grant application

Applying for a grant is an essential component for any community initiative, but it needn’t be a stressful experience. Here are our top tips for writing a compelling application that helps your project stand out from the pack:

Read Guidelines for Applicants

Before diving into the application form, reading through the guidelines is an essential first step. In this short guide, you’ll find:

  • Explanations of all 17 Sub-Funds and their purposes: Each Sub-Fund has specific purposes that reflect the diversity of women’s experiences and support needs. If you aren’t sure which would suit your project best, our Trustees can make that decision for you.
  • Reporting expectations: Successful applicants need to document and report back on their project outcomes.
  • Eligibility and exclusions: We cannot fund individuals, and grant applicants must have Deductible Gift Recipient 1 status.

Download Application Guidelines

Decide on your application approach

When you submit your application, you will need to nominate one of our 17 Sub-Funds that most aligns with your project OR have our Trustees choose on your behalf. Read more about our Sub-Funds here.

Look over the application questions carefully

Every funding body has different reporting requirements, which is why it’s important to review the form before you start the application process to ensure you have all the info you need.If you come across any questions that you need help with, reach out to our team ( well in advance of the application deadline. We’d love to help.

Draft your responses ahead of time

Our application form will not save your progress. To be on the safe side, we strongly recommend drafting your responses to the application questions in a separate document, such as a Microsoft Word document or Google Doc. That way, if you do happen to exit the web page, your work is not lost.

Clearly articulate your project’s goals

What is it you want to achieve with these funds? What is the outcome you are striving for? Sometimes it can help to talk to someone who is unfamiliar with your project to make sure that the goals you are working towards are clear and easy to understand. And try to avoid jargon or industry speak, if you can.

The SMART acronym (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) is useful for setting project goals:

  • Specific: Are your goals clearly defined? Do they make sense?
  • Measurable: Can each objective be easily measured in the evaluation?
  • Achievable: Considering other factors (such as budget and time) are your goals achievable?
  • Realistic: Every project has resource constraints. Are you being realistic given the resources you have?
  • Timing and Time-bound: When is the right time to launch? Are there any timing factors that need to be taken into consideration? For instance, public holidays, grant acquittal deadlines, participant’s schedules, and other timing limitations.
Outline the potential impact

Who will benefit from this project? Be as specific as possible. How will it positively impact their life and community? This is an opportunity to explain the problem you are trying to solve, and how your innovative project will be a force for social good.

Provide a detailed budget

All applications need to submit a budget for their project. Include details of other funding sources and any partners you’ll be collaborating with for the project. These partners or funds might be confirmed or unconfirmed, or in-kind contributions. Include as much detail as possible, so we can easily assess the viability of your project. Download the template directly here.

Note: Your budget must balance. This means that your total income is equal to your total expenditure.

Gather your supporting documents

In order to be considered for a grant, you will need to provide official documentation to prove you have both DGR 1 status and ATO endorsement as a Tax Concession Charity.

Once you’ve gone through each of the steps above, you will be more than ready to submit your application!

Important: Applications are open from Monday 1 July to Friday 9 August 2024.

By making an application you will be joining a progressive gender equality movement that supports and uplifts women and gender diverse people in Victoria. Share this opportunity with your networks and let’s create change together.

The image shows a woman wearing glasses and smiling. She is sitting near a chair outdoors. Why not on the chair? We'll never know.Ally Oliver-Perham

When she’s not managing communications at VWT, you will find Ally cheerfully bouncing on her toddler’s trampoline (with or without said toddler) or sneaking in few pages of a book. With a passion for gender equality, Ally’s interested in meaningful ways we can work together for social good.

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